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All you need to know about your upcoming appointment

Top End Work Fit provides employers just like yours with a range of medical services such as Pre-Employment Medicals, return to work assessments and drug screening. Our goal is to provide positive outcomes for both employer and employee. Our friendly and efficient services ensure your assessment is fast and professional. If you’re not sure what to expect or how to prepare, read through our frequently asked questions for all the information you’ll need prior to your assessment.

Appointment preparation

What should I do to prepare for my pre-employment medical?

Once you have received instruction to visit us for an assessment, please call the closest Top End Medical centre to your location and book an appointment. You must call at least 1 day in advance for us to be able to book you in. Generally, an appointment is made for the following day unless another day or time is specified.

Will I have to pay for anything?

Please check with the company sending you for the appointment. If they advise you that you will need to make payment, please check with reception at the time of booking how much you will be charged.
*Please note: Employment medicals are not rebatable by Medicare.

Do I have to bring my photo I.D?

Yes, your Drivers Licence or Passport are acceptable forms of identification.

What if I am on prescription medication?

If you are attending a drug screen, you will need to list all of the prescription medications and dosages you are taking. You’ll need to inform us what they are, how often you take them and when your last dose was. Please include all non-prescription and over the counter medications as these can also effect the outcome of the drug screen.

Can I drink water before my assessment?

Yes, we encourage you to be well hydrated. Please try to drink 1 litre of water prior to your assessment.

What if I wear prescription glasses or contact lenses?

You will need to bring these with you to the appointment. Contact lens wearers should also bring along their cases and saline solution. Most medicals require eyesight testing with and without glasses/contact lenses for distant and/or near vision.

Do I have to bring any paperwork with me?

If your company provides you with medical paperwork for your appointment, please ensure that you bring it with you as we do not have access to this paperwork.

You will also have to complete the “patient” section of the paperwork provided prior to the pre-employment medical on the day of your assessment. You must complete this section until the declaration at the end, which must be signed in the presence of the examiner.

What should I wear to the appointment?

Please wear comfortable clothing and closed in shoes. You may be asked to perform some movements involving rotation of your limbs or even have to undergo an examination by a physiotherapist.

Types of Assessments

Why is a urinary analysis test carried out at pre-employment medicals?

Urinary analysis is a quick, non-invasive method of checking for protein (dehydration), glucose (sugar) and blood (kidney problems). The result of this test enables the doctor to better make an informed decision on your fitness to carry out the inherent duties of the role for which you are applying.

What is an audiogram and why do I have to have one?

An audiogram is carried out at the request of your employer to establish a baseline hearing. This will assist both the employer and yourself should you suffer hearing loss at a later date. Many jobs now require the use of noise cancelling ear protection to lessen the chances of you suffering from workplace acquired hearing loss. If your company requires you to wear hearing protection and you fail to do so, your company may not be liable to compensate you for any hearing loss you may suffer.

What is a spirometry and why do I have to have one?

A spirometry is carried out at the request of your employer to establish a baseline lung function. This will assist both the employer and yourself should you suffer from a lung condition at a later date. Some jobs now require the use of breathing apparatus if you are working in an area with excessive dust, chemical fumes, asbestos etc. If your company requires you to wear breathing protection and you fail to do so, your company may not be liable to compensate you for any loss of lung function you may suffer.

What is a musculoskeletal assessment and why do I need one?

A musculoskeletal assessment is a series of tests carried out by a qualified person to determine if you have a pre-existing condition that affects your muscles, bones and joints. These include, but are not limited to, conditions such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome which could affect your performance to adequately carry out the inherent requirements of the position for which you have applied.

Assessment Results

What is a non-negative drug and/or alcohol result?

A non-negative drug and/or alcohol result is an indication that you have (or appear to have) a prohibited drug in your system.

What happens if I get a non-negative result?

In the first instance, the sample you provided for instant testing is sealed in a specific container to be sent to the laboratory for confirmation testing in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 4308:2009. As there have been incidences of false non-negatives being recorded in instant drug screens, ALL non-negative tests are sent to a laboratory for confirmation testing.

What if the laboratory result confirms the non-negative? What happens then?

The result of the laboratory confirmation test is advised to your prospective employer in the manner they have requested. It is up to the employer how they determine any outcome from the result of this confirmation.


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